Wanderlust Tag

Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world (Wikipedia)

I love to travel and was bitten by the bug in my teens. I have visited cities in American, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This is why the Wanderlust Tag appeals to me so I hope you enjoy watching - click here.

The questions for this tag are -
Your most treasured passport stamp?
Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
Preferred method of travel; planes, trains or automobiles?
Top 3 travel items?
Hostel or hotel?
Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?
Do you read up on your destination or do you wing it?
Favourite travel website?
Where would you recommend a friend to visit?
You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?

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Sarah x