Green Lifestyle - Soapnuts for your laundry

The Twitter grapevine was chirping and thanks to @RazzleDazzleIce I ended up being sent a Living Naturally Soapnut sample pack. I have read about soapnuts but I had not tried them before now. Only the other week I was talking about "Going Green" and swapping your laundry detergent for environmentally friendly alternatives. I think using soapnuts will definitely make you an Eco Warrior. 

Soapnuts are dried fruit shells from the soapberry tree and they contain saponin which produces a soaping effect. They are 100% natural so great for the environment and ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies to laundry detergent. I have to say they are probably one of the most unusual things I have come across but as intriguing as the Konjac sponge. The soapnuts came in a small muslin bag which you place into the washing machine with your laundry. Softener is not required but if you want fragrance you can add drops of essential oil to the bag. 

I put these to the test on a load with towels and bed linen at a 60 degree wash. I need to stock up on essential oils but I had some clove oil (I use it to clean mould) so I decided to scent the bag with it. I have to say my laundry came out looking normal and smelling fresh. I put the towels through the tumble dryer and I admit I was not expecting them to come out soft but I was pleasantly surprised. The towels were not as soft as when I use fabric conditioner but they were pretty good, not scratchy or stiff. 

The soapnuts can be used 3-4 times and then you can dispose/compost them. If you would prefer an alternative to the "nuts" then Living Naturally do offer Soapnut Liquid Laundry Detergent or tabs. The product range also includes soap, shampoo bars and herbal hair rinse so it’s worth having a browse of the website Plus Soapnut sample bags are available to buy for £3.49. 

Do any of you already use soapnuts? For those that do not, what do you think of the idea?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - sample pack sent free of charge, 100% own opinions, I was not asked to feature on my blog, links are not affiliated


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