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Today I have a Guest Post for you from Hephzibah of Good For Me, Good For You. 

Mineral Foundations: Elemental Beauty (with Lily Lolo comparison)

In switching to more natural beauty products, foundation/tinted moisturiser was the first thing that I needed to find and everyone seemed to be using minerals. Elemental Beauty was the first British mineral brand that I came across, and after a detour via the very popular Lily Lolo I recently decided to order some more of their (very generous) sample sizes. So, I thought that I would take this guest post opportunity to share some swatches with you. :)

Luminous: A cool yellow toned foundation for extremely pale skin

Oatmeal: A light peachy toned foundation for extremely pale skin

English Rose: A cool pink toned foundation for very fair skin

Nude: A neutral toned foundation for very fair skin

Barley: Our most popular, neutral toned foundation for fair skin

Sunshine: A warm peachy/yellow toned foundation for fair skin

I think that their descriptions (above) are fairly accurate. The only criticism I have about them is that on the website, they don't appear to be in a distinctive order. They go from fair to dark, but otherwise it appears to jump about which can be confusing if you're already not sure where to start.

The samples arrived beautifully presented in a organza bag, and in little plastic vials. There is usually around 2g worth of the product in each vial which in my experience lasts over two weeks. The full sized product comes in a standard pot with sifter and holds around 9-10g.

I ordered five vials and received a free sample of Barley. I do feel a little more secure using these than the Lily Lolo sample pots as they are easier to dispense small amounts from, and I'm slightly less likely to tip them over! Speaking of Lily Lolo, as I had all these samples lying around I thought it would be interesting to compare the two brands. So I picked the two lightest shades that I have of LL and swatched them next to the EB ones. As you can see, EB appears to cater for a wide range of light skin, whereas LL shades are nowhere near as pale. I don't have Porcelain (LL lightest shade) so it may be that that one caters adequately for anyone with a paler complexion.

I also thought it would be interesting to compare the texture. In the picture I've just pressed down the LL Popcorn and as you can see some of the product came away, unlike with Sunshine from EB. I found with Lily Lolo that the minerals clumped together a bit, which made it a little harder to distribute them over my brush. The EB minerals seemed to be a bit finer and easier to manipulate.

Good for me - I like the coverage that EB gives me but I'm still torn between buying a full size product (£10.99) and continuing on with my search for a new foundation. Having dry skin, I do feel that I might be better off with a liquid foundation than a mineral one, but if I can find a powerful moisturiser to combat any dryness then I would like to stick with English Rose/Nude.

Good for youSample sizes are available from their website at 99p each, with postage dependent on where you live, so it's really easy to give them a go. International posting is available (if you search YouTube for Elemental Beauty, you'll see they have a strong Italian following). 

If you’re pretty pale like me, I think the range of light shades is excellent and has a real variety of tones.

It is worth noting that unlike LL, EB is not SPF certified. From the ingredients, it seems that they should provide you with some protection, but that's not something you can be certain of and you might like to wear a sunscreen or use another form of SPF if you chose to wear these minerals.

For more information on Lily Lolo and Elemental Beauty, you can find them both on Amazon, or their respective websites: and

Thank you to Sarah for the opportunity to guest post, I hope this has been helpful and not too much of an essay!


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