Venice Bakery UK - Vegan & Gluten Free Pizza Base

Beauty is my main love but since allergies are a part of my life it is only fair that my second love food gets a mention on my blog. To be honest, I haven’t invested in any new skincare products recently so I am actually in need of some things to review. Anyway, once again a shout out to the Allergy & Free From Show (I promise I am not sponsored by them) which is where I picked up Venice Bakery UK pizza bases for me and my sister. I can have regular pizza bases but was keen to try these out of curiosity because my twitter feed has been chirping about how good they are. 

So what is special about these bases? Well, they are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and soy free. Now I have experienced a gluten free pizza base many years ago and I do not have fond memories. The Venice bases are really something special, if I had blind tasted them I think I would not have thought they were gluten free. I am really impressed and that’s coming from someone whose favourite pizza is Papa John’s (I order them cheese-less in case you are wondering). 

The bases come in small (5 inch) or large (12 inch), plain or seasoned. I bought the small size (plain) and they are perfect snack size, similar in size to those microwavable ones. The price is not bad considering the mark up which is standard with free from food.

Even though I am not gluten free (only dairy & egg free) I’d consider buying these if they became readily available (at the moment I believe they are only available to order online). You can freeze the bases, I have done this and it has not affected the quality. I can see why these are a big hit with Coeliacs. Now all we need is some decent dairy free cheese and all will be right with the world once againHave you tried Venice Bakery pizza bases?

Sarah x