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Allergy UK News - Together We Can Crack It

The Latest News from Allergy UK 

I had seen over on Love Lactose Free (plus I got an email) about the new campaign Allergy – Together We Can Crack It. Allergy UK have joined forces and want allergies to be moved up the priority list and have them taken seriously in parliament. They are asking allergy sufferers throughout the country to send a postcard to their local MP. The more postcards sent, the more chance of some real changes for allergy sufferers. Download a postcard or request one by calling the helpline on 01322 619898.

In the past I have blogged about Allergy Translation Cards and now is the time for summer holidays, many of you (including me) are jetting off abroad so a translation card may prove handy in restaurants. Allergy UK have a promotion running at the moment. A set of 3 cards (in one language) would usually cost £15, however, throughout July and August, they are offering the 3 cards at a discounted price of £10. The translation cards are available in 30 languages. For more information head to the website or call the helpline (number above) who will be happy to process orders.

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