Badger Balm Aloe Vera Sunscreen Lotion SPF16

Back in May I wrote about my quest to find a suitable facial SPF. I mentioned that Badger Balm Aloe Sunscreen was on my list but I was disappointed that only SPF 16 was available in the UK. I went ahead and purchased it because the ml for ml value is better than John Masters Organics. I decided that since I sit in an office 9 hours a day that SPF 16 was adequate to protect me from small amounts of sun exposure. 

Badger Balm products are USDA certified organic and this sunscreen is broad spectrum so gives you protection from UVA & UVB rays. It contains non-nano zinc oxide and is free from Oxybenzone, Octisalate, Octinoxate, Avobenzone, or added Vitamin A. 

I chose the Aloe lotion over the other Badger sunscreens with a higher SPF because it is marketed as suitable for use under makeup. I am very impressed with the consistency. It is not as thick as other natural sunscreens I have used. It initially gives a white cast but I find it easy to rub in and have not experienced any issues applying mineral foundation on top. Come 5 o'clock my makeup still looks fairly reasonable and I do not feel the lotion has any adverse effects on how I look. I have filmed a short video to demonstrate application to my face. 

I would not sunbathe with this particular sunscreen because I prefer a higher SPF for that purpose. As this is one of the very few natural sunscreens that has not broken me out in a rash, it scores brownie points with me. I would certainly look to try others from the range to use on my body. I purchased my Badger sunscreen from Feel Unique and paid £14.95 (87ml tube)

Have you tried Badger Balm Sunscreens?