Cake in a Mug - Single Serving Microwave Dairy & Egg Free Cake

I have been on the hunt for a dairy and egg free "cake in a mug" recipe for ages and I finally found one on Pinterest. I like the idea of a single portion of cake. As much as I love baking it takes time and patience and sometimes you just want cake pronto so that's where a microwave comes in handy. Pictured above was my first attempt at the recipe, made on my birthday hence the candle. I also indulged in Alpro Caramel dessert on the side.

The recipe comes from The Blooming Platter's Vegan Single-Serving Microwave “Brownikins” (My Take on a Microwaved Brownie-in-a-Mug). I do recommend adding an accompaniment as it can be a little dry. I have a 700W (D) microwave and cook it for 1 minute, sometimes it needs a few more seconds. You may need to experiment a little to get the perfect timings. Let me know if you make this.

Sarah x