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Introduction - Lyonsleaf 100% Natural

Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Skincare

I found a really interesting company a while back when researching for a post about eczema products. I still have not got around to trying their products as I'm trying to work through my stash before buying more. As part of my Introduction series I wanted to give them a mention, they are Lyonsleaf. The range is small but it is 100% natural. The reason they stuck out for me is Calendula is an ingredient which heavily features in products. You all know I rave about Calendula and the benefits to my sensitive skin. The range consists of Dead Sea Salt Scrubs, moisturisers/beauty balms and aromatherapy bath teas. At some point I'd like to buy products and write a personal review but in the meantime I direct you to their website so you can go shopping instead - lyonsleaf.co.uk

Sarah x

Disclaimer - NOT sponsored, the idea behind my Introduction series is to share with you my extensive knowledge of natural brands