Natural & Organic Skincare on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find handmade natural and organic skincare. It appears to me there are a large number of US sellers but if you dig a bit deeper you can find some located in the UK. Generally, I do not tend to order from overseas because I would rather not encounter custom charges, it can make the whole process rather expensive if you get hit with this fee.

Here are my picks from a quick Etsy search

Described as "Natural, Organic, Fair Trade skincare, Make Up and other pretty things". I tracked down a website and it must be viewed as it is adorable (click here). Also it's nice to see they won The Green Parent Natural Beauty 2013 award for their Lavender Face Polisher 

I love the eye catching and colourful packaging, it draws you in. This seller also has a great website (click here) and a Green Parent 2013 Winner Award for Best Lip Balm

I think it's fair to say I was instantly drawn to the Coconut Dream Body Butter. I also like the natural accessories featured in some of the gift sets, it gives products a rustic, eco friendly vibe.

This seller is US based but I couldn't let them go without a mention because I am totally drawn in by this adorable packaging.

Also check out Actually NaturallyAromawakening and H & O Skincare. I recommend running your own search and seeing who else you can find. 

Do you shop for natural and organic skincare on Etsy? Do you have a favourite seller?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - this is NOT sponsored, pictures are from seller's Etsy/websites


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