Pure Plant French Pink Clay Mask

review Pure Plant French Pink Clay Mask

I recently discovered Pure Plant a company based in Somerset, who produces natural products which are suitable for vegetarians. They claim to use organic ingredients where possible but they (Pure Plant) do not appear to be certified. The range consists of products for face and body and they cater for various skin types. Full ingredients are listed on the website so you can check for allergens and anything else you may wish to avoid. 

review Pure Plant French Pink Clay Mask

I ordered the Sensitive Soul Cleansing Balm (£13) and Pink Clay Mask (£5). At the moment the cleansing balm will not stay solid in the heat so it’s in the fridge. The trouble is I keep forgetting about it so I will review at a later stage. You could use as an oil but it is a bit messy trying to pour from the jar. Since the clay mask is a quick and easy product, I can tell you about that now. Pure Plant sells pink, green and white clay for different skin types. The pink is suggested as suitable for sensitive and dry skin offering lifting and toning results. It is a powder which you mix with water or I guess anything else that takes your fancy. I have enjoyed using this product and I have not suffered any adverse effects like skin irritation. I think the simplistic nature of ingredients is what helps keep my skin calm. The mask is a fun product to use and my skin looks glowing and refreshed after use. For me it is a quick fix product. If you are a sensitive skin girl (or boy) who likes to pamper and beautify yourself before special occasions then this simple clay mask may be a winner for you.

Overall, I am happy to have found this company. I recommend having a browse of Pure Plant's website. Packaging is simplistic and under stated but I think there are some hidden gems when in comes to the products inside.


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