Review Marble & Milkweed Repair Balm & Lip Balm

Review Marble & Milkweed Repair Balm & Lip Balm
You may have already heard of via other beauty bloggers. They are a new online retailer specialising in natural and organic products. I was given the opportunity to select some products from the website to review. The site stocks international brands and I chose Marble & Milkweed Repair balm and Cardamom Lip Balm. 

Firstly, I’d like to commend A Beautiful World for having full ingredient lists for every product on the site. It was one of the reasons I chose to work with them. You all know it’s my biggest bug bear not having this information at my finger tips. Marble & Milkweed stood out to me for the simplistic packaging as well as their ingredients. If you are not familiar with the brand, it’s from NYC and products are handcrafted and formulated with organic and fair-trade ingredients. 

You all know I have a balm obsession so it is no surprise I was drawn towards the Repair Balm. It contains some wonderful natural ingredients - organic coconut oil, organic fair-trade shea butter, organic sesame oil, organic cold pressed rose hip seed oil, local beeswax, organic rosehip co2 extract, organic tamanu oil, wild carrot seed oil, sea buckthorn extract, organic rose otto, Bulgarian rose absolute, non-gmo vitamin e 

Majority of my balms have a subtle fragrance of lavender and chamomile whereas this one is a bold fragrance of rose. It’s not unpleasant but stronger than I am used to. It is solid in texture and I have needed to use a spatula to remove from the tin but it melts on contact with my warm skin and is silky smooth in texture. Obviously, I would advise patch testing before applying to any skin conditions. I have been cautious when applying over my unbroken eczema. As with many of the balms I have reviewed this is a multipurpose product and can be applied anywhere on the body. It is ideal for those annoying dry patches and does help keep them moisturised. That comes as no surprise to me as I would expect it to perform well because of the combination of ingredients.
Review Marble & Milkweed Repair Balm & Lip Balm
As for the lip balm I opted for this product simply for the unique appeal of cardamom. Generally, I enjoy sweet and sugary flavours but this spicy ingredient was different from the norm. The ingredient base for the lip balm is coconut, sesame oil, shea butter and beeswax. Again it’s a solid balm in the tin but the kick of the cardamom is very pleasant and it has won me over. Natural balms are amazing on the lips and really do help assist repairing dry skin conditions.  

I have to say I have really enjoyed testing these products and discovering some of what Marble & Milkweed has to offer. Have you tried anything from Marble & Milkweed?

Sarah x

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