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Recipe: Meat Free Burgers, Vegan Brownies & Cauliflower Risotto

I have been collecting recipes on my Pinterest board and this weekend I promised myself I would experiment in the kitchen. Everything you see above is vegetarian, dairy free and egg free.

Meat Free Burgers - I had Asda Burger Mix shoved at the back of the cupboard. It was something my Mum gave to me, even at my age she still sends me food parcels. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised how tasty the burgers were. They really did have a good chargrilled flavour reminiscent of cooking on the BBQ. I even went as far as to melt a Tofutti dairy free cheese slice on top :-)

Vegan Brownies - I have been trying to find a decent vegan brownie recipe and it turned out pretty good. They are very crumbly but taste absolutely wonderful, perfect for chocoholics. I could not get hold of dairy free chocolate chips so decided I would add mini oreos instead (UK Oreo are now milk free). Each cookie is a little hidden surprise in every other bite. It was actually an idea I adapted from another recipe. The method I used was to spread half the brownie mix into the pan, add oreos on top and then cover with the remainder. I went with the mini version because I figured the larger ones would be a bit over the top. 

Risotto - I was keen to try it out a Cauliflower 'risotto' recipe. I enjoy my vegetables but cauliflower can be bland so it is nice to find a different way to use it. I did lack a few ingredients so adapted the recipe to work around what I could rustle up from the cupboard. The end result was very tasty and my boyfriend gave it a thumbs up so I am pleased with that result.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend. If you have been busy in the kitchen, send me links to pictures or blog posts.

Sarah x