Review Dr Organic Aloe Vera Body Wash

You all know I like Dr Organic as it is easily available on the high street at my local Holland & Barrett store. It fills the gap when I am waiting for online orders or run out of things unexpectedly. Last time I was in store grabbing a few free from food treats, I picked up the Aloe Vera Body Wash. As you may know the Dr Organic range has core products in a variety of fragrances. The Aloe Vera appealed to me for the fresh scent and the fact that aloe is a nice ingredient for sensitive skin. 

I will not be buying this again as I have concerns with some of the ingredients. Cocamidopropyl betaine is a synthetic surfactant which has been associated with allergic reactions and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate is a restricted ingredient. Seeing parfum listed never makes me happy, even if it is food grade it's important to know all the ingredients in a product. If I refer to the website I have a mini heartache seeing orange oil listed as it is one of my allergens but it is nowhere to be found on the bottle, it may be lurking in the parfum so not listed separately. 

My beloved Deep Steep has cleaner ingredients so I will continue to purchase that when I am needing a budget alternative to my luxury favourite BodhiI am sure those who do not choose to monitor ingredients will enjoy this product. I guess those of you would follow a natural lifestyle will raise questions depending on your standards. At the end of the day the decision is yours, I certainly have no complaints with performance. It has a pleasant fresh fragrance and lathers well, everything you can expect from a body wash.

Sarah x