Introduction to Mel Millis Organic Skincare

Mel Millis Organic Skincare
Sometimes you just hit gold when surfing the internet for hours. That is how I felt when I discovered Mel Millis

"A Blend Of 100% Natural Organic Ingredients To Create The Most Effective Skincare Regime, Containing Prebiotic And Probiotics To Help Nourish, Hydrate And Rejuvenate."

Mel Millis was founded by Tracey Foy. The story behind why she created the brand is a familiar one - "I had for many years suffered with sensitive, irritated and reddened skin after undergoing a hysterectomy to remove cancerous cells. Despite trying every skincare product available, nothing seemed to work for me. After years of research and discovering the products I had been using had been compounding my problems. I started to make my own products for myself. This lead me into working for 7 years in the organic industry." 

One of the attractions for me with Mel Millis is that they display all ingredients on the website. I am always promoting the importance of this. Customers often have a variety of reasons why they want ingredient lists. From an allergy perspective it makes a huge difference to me and can influence where I choose to spend my money online.

Another element to Mel Millis which I like is their packaging; you can plant it! Yes, you read that correctly. The outer packaging is made from recycled paper and contains British wild flower seeds. Anyone with green fingers is surely going to love this and can grow some wild flowers in their garden.

I have accepted some samples for review so keep an eye out for that in the future. In the meantime, I recommend having a browse of the website.

Sarah x

Disclaimer - contains PR Samples