Review: Trevarno Organic Day Cream

What’s a girl to do when her favourite moisturiser runs out? I was in a fickle mood and decided to give something different a try. Curiosity leads me down a path to Trevarno Organic Day Cream. If you are not familiar with the brand, Trevarno was established in 1998, products are natural and handmade in Cornwall. The range carries organic certification from Organic Farmers & Growers. 

This day cream is suggested as suitable for all skin types. It is extremely lightweight in comparison to others I use. For me, this would be perfect for summer but now we are heading into winter I am wondering if it is going to be hydrating enough for me. It does absorb into my skin easily and I can apply mineral powder foundation over the top without waiting for it to sink in. It does smell strongly of lavender and geranium. Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so this may be better suited to oily/combination skin types. I have a fickle nose and although I love lavender this is a little over powering for my taste, although my sister seems to like it. The scent doesn't linger but you have to enjoy it during initial application and I am not sure I can embrace the fragrance. I hate to say it but I am  in two minds about the jar. I am all for recycling and reducing packaging but the glass jar is on the small size. Anyone with long nails or dare I say chubby fingers will probably want to use a spatula. 

I have only had this cream for a couple of weeks but I have already passed it on to my sister. I thought maybe a second opinion would be worthwhile. I am sure this is a nice cream for someone out there. I do not hate it but I also haven’t fallen in love with it, which I am rather sad about. 

Has anyone tried their other products? Do you have a recommendation?

Sarah x


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