Review Mel Millis Organic Daily Travel Trio

Review Mel Millis Organic Daily Travel Trio
A while ago I wrote an introduction article about Mel Millis. Tracey, the founder, was kind enough to send me the Organic Daily Travel Trio which contains cleansing oil, toner and moisturising oil all wrapped up in an elegant plantable seeded paper bag. The trio is available in 3 different combinations; the variation is the toner and moisturiser so you will have a choice to make when ordering.

Cleansing oils work well for my skin type and I enjoy using them to remove the daily grim. It will come as no surprise to some of you when I say I am enjoying using this product. I think it is very hard to fault cleansing oil as long as you find a good combination of ingredients you are on to a winner. Mel Millis only have the one cleansing oil which should suit all skin types. It contains Jojoba which is chemically similar to human sebum, avocado oil which is renowned to have healing and regenerating properties, Apricot oil which is an excellent moisturiser and Pomegranate oil which promotes skin firmness and protects against skin-damaging free radicals.

The toner is available in neroli, chamomile, citrus and geranium. I always find a toner is handy to use with cleansing oils or balms especially if you think they are a little heavy. Toners help wipe away any residue, makeup you may have missed and prep the skin for moisturiser. Neroli isn’t my favourite fragrance but Mel Millis wasn’t to know that. It’s not a reflection on the product it is purely personal taste. 

I am gaining an addiction to using facial oil as a night time treatment. You can apply during the day if you wish but I like to let it work its magic overnight so I can wake up looking ten years younger. Even though I jest, the Rose and Pomegranate oil is lovely and my skin appears to appreciate the ingredients. This is a good product for mature, dry or irritated skin.

All three products are certainly enjoyable but do have strong scents which may not be to everyone’s taste. If memory serves me correct, the fragrance of the Rose & Pomegranate moisturiser reminds me of Bodhi’s Desert Rose. One minor criticism is the website only lists INCI ingredients, which is a requirement but I think customers could benefit from an English version alongside. 

I would regard Mel Millis as a high end brand but I do feel you are getting quality ingredients for your money.

Sarah x

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