Looking back at 2013 - My Yearly Blog Review

As everyone prepares to say Goodbye to 2013, I thought I would round up my blogging year with a summary of my personal highlights. I wrote a similar post last year and it's interesting to look back on the goals I set out to achieve with my blog.

New Beauty Brands Discovered - I found some wonderful brands this year – Bathing Beauty, Lyonsleaf, Peppy Galore, Inner Soul, Opulentia Organics, Bloom Remedies, B Skincare, Big Green Tree, Mel Millis, Marble & Milkweed and Kris D'Armour.

Favourite Skincare - It would appear cleansers and facial oils were my most loved products to review. I can see myself repurchasing Antipodes, Blue Labelle and Odylique during 2014.

Favourite Brands - I think it's fair to say this year was dominated by Essential Care and Deep Steep with a bit of Antipodes, Bodhi and Desert Essence thrown in along the way.

Exciting Experience - Taking part in the Free From Skincare Award judging stages was a brilliant experience which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

New Ventures - I ventured into the world of YouTube this year and I have enjoyed the experience so far despite the pain of editing and camera issues. I see it as an extension of my blog and it offers a new way to interact with followers. I'd like to thank my friend Pete for allowing me to use his music for a little intro jingle, he's a talented person.

Meeting People - A shout out to the fantastic bloggers I finally got to meet up with this year – Alice (Brightown Girl), Kat (Tales of a Pale Face), Jessica (Spoiltface) and Andy (Pampered Prince).

Green Blogging Community - this year I have seen a rise in the number of bloggers, from around the world, who have a passion for the environment and non toxic skincare. It is really nice to finally fit in somewhere after always feeling a bit of an outsider to the main beauty blogging community. I have experienced online bullying and in a weird way I feel safer in this little niche community where I know people have similar beliefs and passions about ingredients.

Free From Foods - The release of Ms Cupcakes cookbook was hugely exciting and it has been a year of delicious Vegan cupcakes and an ever expanding belly. Vegfest was also another highlight for me, my first "cream" cake in over 20 years and not forgetting the amazing Mighty Fork hot dogs.

Fingers crossed 2014 brings me as much blogging excitement as 2013.

Sarah x