Consider It Dairy Free Truffle Bar (Vegan)

If you follow me on YouTube will have seen me mention Consider It in a Random Favourite video. I am sending some love in their direction because their chocolate has made me momentarily not hate the fact that I am allergic to milk. You wouldn't think it was hard to get dairy free chocolate but you'd be wrong. Everyone jumps to the conclusion that dark chocolate will be dairy free but that is not the case for all manufacturers. The other problem I have with dark chocolate is my sweet tooth, I want a replacement for milk or white chocolate. I'm not a chocolate connoisseur so I don't care if my cocoa beans are from Ecuador.

I bought a mixed truffle (non alcoholic) gift box for a Christmas gift and treated myself to some large truffle bars (smaller size is available). The truffle bars come in a variety of tempting flavours but I chose Cinnamon & Pecan and Coconut. The flavour is infused into a ganache which is encased in chocolate. I wouldn't say the flavours are strong but it's going to depend on your taste buds. I definitely would have loved more punch especially with the cinnamon. 

I think the truffle bars are delicious and the right level of sweetness for me. The creamy ganache centre is fabulous for something which does not contain cows milk (they use vegan soya cream).

If you can't already tell, Consider It gets a big thumbs up from me and I will be ordering more. I think the gift box is beautifully packaged but I can't comment on the chocolates inside because a) it's gift for someone else and b) it contains some of my other allergens so I wouldn't be able to try them. The standard of the truffle bars is excellent so I am in no doubt that they will be good.

What do you think? Have I tempted your taste buds?

Sarah x

Disclaimer - if you have any concerns about allergens please contact the company directly, these products are suitable for MY dietary restrictions, they may not be suitable for YOU