Review Kris D’Armour Aromatherapy Room & Linen Sprays

"Kris has also spent many years searching for the right products to treat his own problems with skin allergies, eczema and acne and it is this personal experience along with his scientific background and passion for natural ingredients that lies behind the Kris D'Amour range of skin care and fragrance products."

It's becoming a familiar story, many of the natural companies I blog about start off from personal experience of eczema and allergies and the desire to find products that work for these conditions. When Kris D'Amour approached me, I was drawn to the products because of the company background but I also was enthusiastic to see a company offering natural home fragrance alongside skincare. Mainstream air fresheners make me wheezy and sneezy.

Kris D’Armour offer six different Aromatherapy Room and Linen Sprays and I chose the Headache Relief. Two reasons for picking this one, I suffer from regular stress headaches and I enjoy minty fragrances (this contains basil, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils). 

I have written about aromatherapy products before and it can meet a divided response as to whether it works. Personally, I am enjoying using this spray and find it an enjoyable fragrance. The basil puts an interesting twist on the peppermint. This is a versatile product which can be use at home or away from home. As the blend is made from essential oils it is easy on my lungs and I definitely tolerate it a lot better than artificial equivalents. 

I recommend having a browse of the website. Not only is there a wide range of products on offer but the site is very detailed for information and ingredients. The Aromatherapy Room and Linen Sprays costs £16 for a 200ml bottle.

Have you tried anything from Kris D’Armour? Does a natural room & linen spray appeal to you?

Sarah x

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