Review Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, Body Butter and Calendula Cream

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, Body Butter & Healing Blend Cream
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You may remember a while back I introduced you to Lyonsleaf. The range is 100% natural plus packed full of ingredients I love and my skin adores. I have been testing three of their products - Body Butter, Healing Blend Calendula Cream and Beauty Balm. Lets start with the Body Butter. It contains shea butter, coconut, avocado, almond and vitamin E which are known for repairing and conditioning the skin. I am a body butter addict so it will not be a surprise to hear I enjoy using this product. Body butters help keep my skin in good condition as I can experience flaky skin during colder weather, especially on my legs and face.

Next we have the Calendula Cream. It is similar to the body butter in that it contains shea butter but there are some other interesting ingredients like juniper, lavender and frankincense. I do feel like this product was made for me. I like to use calendula for treating my eczema and I have a recurrent patch on my chest. I can apply this and I find it soothing. It also helps keep my skin hydrates so it does not crack or flake.

Lastly, the Beauty Balm is rich and you only need to dab on the smallest amount but it does a brilliant job of keeping my skin looking fresh and soft. I am comfortable using this both day and night. I do not find it greasy but as someone prone to eczema, I have to moisturise in order to compensate for what my skin struggles to do naturally. I was reading the website and learnt that you can use this for cleansing. Not something I would have thought of doing but I gave it a whirl and I like it. The cream melts into an oil so it is easy to work across the face and then remove with a damp cloth. I love how this is a multipurpose product.
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, Body Butter & Healing Blend Cream
The fragrances of all three products are enjoyable, somewhat herbal and nutty but not offensive to my nose. The jars are a generous size and a little goes a long way so don’t expect to see these in an empties post any time soon. I think the price of each product is good. Anyone who battles with flaky dry skin during the winter months should definitely try Lyonsleaf and full ingredients are listed on the site.

Sarah x