Nature Perfect Gently Does It DIY Face Mask Kit

Hands up if you love to relax with a face mask? I’m guessing many of you enjoy this type of facial treatment. When you have sensitive skin it can be a little tricky to find a suitable product so most of us are looking for gentle ingredients. Nature Perfect offer something a little bit different to the popular off the shelf masks many bloggers write about. You can either purchase a ready boxed DIY Kit for your skin type or select individual products and create your own.

I received the Gently Does It kit which contains White China Clay, Apricot Powder, Lavender Floral Water and Jojoba Oil. My kit came with helpful instructions on how to mix the products but of course you can experiment. I mixed all four ingredients together and applied to my face. I found this really easy to do, a little messy but that doesn't bother me. The addition of oil is suggested to make the mask non drying and it works a treat. I left the mask on for 15 minutes (recommendation is 10-20 mins) and then I removed using a damp washi cloth. I have to say I like the end results as my skin looked brighter and felt soft. To finish off the treatment, I applied the floral water to a cotton pad, wiped across my face and followed with the jojoba oil.

I like the flexibility of these products. You can play around with them how you choose. If you don’t want to mix up a mask, you can add the fruit powders to your cleanser or use the floral water as a toner and moisturise with the oil.

The kits are a lovely treat and perfect for all ages. They vary in price but the one I have been using is £21. You do get a fair amount of product and only use a teaspoon at a time. The website gives information about the benefits of each product so it is very easy to select what is needed for your skin type. This is what I love about natural skincare. I am happy going back to basics and I welcome companies like Nature Perfect who allow you to create your own skincare with their knowledge and guidance, after all my skin is unique to me. 

What do you think? Do you use face masks? Are Nature Perfect's DIY kits a product you would be interested in buying?

Sarah x

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