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YouTube - Random Favourites featuring Nourish London, Bio D, Consider It

I managed to film three videos on Saturday. I don't have a regular schedule for my YouTube channel, I just film as and when it pleases me or more importantly fits around life. Anyway, I recorded a Random Favourites which basically means I'm chatting about skincare, chocolate, washing up liquid and Christmas Jumpers (told you it was random!).

Hope you enjoy watching. 

Products Mentioned - 
Nourish Relax Toner & Moisturiser - http://nourishskinrange.com
Essential Care/Odylique Calendula Balm* - http://www.essential-care.co.uk
Bio D washing up liquid - http://www.biodegradable.biz
Consider It (vegan) chocolate - http://www.consideritchocolate.com
Top I'm wearing from Sainsburys
Christmas jumpers from Primark

Sarah x

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