Review: The Argan Company

I am in no doubt that you are all familiar with argan oil as it has become a popular ingredient in skin and hair care. Recently, I have been using 100% pure organic argan from The Argan Company.

It is definitely worth investing in the purest Argan oil you can afford as it contains some amazing benefits which you don’t want watered down. This oil is anti inflammatory and healing which means it could help with skin conditions like eczema. You can also use as an anti ageing product thanks to the vitamin e and squalene. 

It is a versatile oil which can be applied to face, body and hair which makes it very easy to slot into your daily routine. As long as I'm not heavy handed, I don’t find this greasy and would refer to it as dry oil. I enjoy using on my hair to tame fly away plus it protects against heat styling damage and adds shine. I prefer rosehip for my face but I am happy to apply argan oil elsewhere on my body. I have seen suggestions to use as bath oil but I haven't used it in this way. If you did add this to your bath, I imagine it could be helpful to those with extremely dry skin. I would suggest this oil has a mild fruity fragrance that I do not find offensive. 

I am not sure what is classed as a good price for pure argan oil but at The Argan Company a 30ml pump bottle retails for £12.99. I think that is a fair price for a multipurpose product. 

Do you use argan oil as part of your skincare routine? 

Sarah x

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