Travel - Vegan Food in Cambridge

On my travels last week I visited Cambridge and just want to give a shout out for Vegan friendly food places. I did some research before visiting and between Google and Twitter I discovered the Rainbow Cafe and Taste of CambridgeI opted to stop at Taste of Cambridge which is a street vendor on Market Street. They specialise in Vegan and Vegetarian Falafel Wraps. I noted they offer to cater Gluten Free. There were also some lovely looking vegan cakes (I think they may have also been GF?). I chose the Classic Falafel and enjoyed every single mouthful. I definitely recommend to everyone whether you are veggie or not. I also popped into Fudge Kitchen and sampled some dairy free fudge, to then come home with a slice. I think this lasted me around 48 hours, it was simply delicious. If you ever find yourself hungry in Cambridge, now you know where to go to fill your belly :-)

Sarah x