Review Aqua Zinger Water Infusing Bottle

Review Aqua Zinger Water Infusing Bottle
I think most of us strive to be more eco conscious and one way to do this is to ditch plastic bottled drinks. Yes, some plastics can be recycled but others cannot plus you have to consider the manufacturing processes as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a petroleum product. We are reliant on people recycling and I image many bottles still end up in landfills. There is also concern for Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used to make plastics. You often see manufacturers promoting BPA free products.

“The science is not yet completely clear on how BPA may affect humans. BPA may mimic hormones and interfere with the endocrine system of glands, which release hormones around the body. Some scientists think that if it interferes with sex hormones, this could affect puberty or the menopause or cause cancers that are related to hormones. Those calling for a ban suggest that it may be a factor in a rising numbers of human illnesses, such as breast cancer, heart disease and genital birth defects.”

One way to reduce environmental impact of plastic bottles and encourage you to drink more water is with the Aqua Zinger. The idea is you can create your own flavoured water using fruit and herbs. The leaflet inside the box and website gives you some recipe suggestions. I started off with raspberries simply because I had some in my freezer. 
Review Aqua Zinger Water Infusing Bottle
The Aqua Zinger is very simple to use. You need to unscrew the base, add a handful of fruit, screw back together, fill with water, shake and leave to stand for 15-30 minutes to allow infusion. It obviously depends on ingredient quality but I did find a delicate fruity flavour is achievable. The amount of fruit used is small so food wastage is minimal and you can empty onto the compost. 

I do not have a dishwasher but found the zinger easy to clean by hand. It’s worth rinsing out the grinder if you don’t intend washing straight away because I found dried on fruit was a little tricky to remove from the blades. The Aqua Zinger is portable so you could take this out and about, may be use at work or after a session at the gym.

The Aqua Zinger is available for around £24.99, there are different colour options and it can be purchased on several websites including JD Harris. I think the Aqua Zinger is an interesting product, what do you think?

Sarah x

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