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Favourites for January 2014 (Video)

Products Mentioned in this Video

Pure Thoughts lip balm (review link)
Everyday Minerals Tinted Lip Butter in Sweet Secret (website link)
Lyonsleaf Healing Blend Calendula Cream* (review link)
Odylique Superfruit Concentrate* (review link)
Nom Oat Bar (banana) (website link)
Bear Alphabites Cocoa Multigrain (website link)
Eco Chic Beauty Diva (blog link)

Disclaimer - Products marked * PR samples, links are not affiliated


  1. I really enjoyed watching this video Sarah, you're so great behind the camera! Those alpha bites sound delicious!

    1. Thank you Amber that is really kind of you to say so, I had my alphabites for breakfast this morning :-)

  2. Thank you for the shout out and kind words. I love that Lola's ridiculous pictures make you happy:). You already know that I love calendula, so Lyonsleaf balm/cream sounds so amazing! Lovely favourites! Xo
    Ps if there's ever anything you'd absolutely love to try from Canada, I'd be more than happy to send it over

    1. You're welcome :-) Lola is just so darn cute. Thanks for the kind offer to send stuff over you may regret that lol x

    2. Haha it's quite possible, but until then my offer stands