Organic Botanics Mini Trial Set Fragrance Free

Organic Botanics Mini Trial Set Fragrance Free

I came across Organic Botanics in a magazine that I had lying around since last June. After checking out their website I decided to order a Mini Trial Set of Fragrance Free products which included 10mls of cleansing milk, daily moisturiser and hand & body lotion (£11.50 & free UK delivery).

"Organic Botanics is an ethical company which was established in 1998 by herbalist Celsi Richfield & her family who are long-time vegetarians. It is a pioneer company of organic skin care. Celsi has been formulating natural skin care for over twenty-five years & has gone to great lengths to produce a unique organic range of unusually high quality. It took an extremely long time to formulate our unique preparations, especially as certified organic ingredients were harder to source in 1998. We go through a rigorous process to exclude toxic chemicals, artificial colours & perfumes"

For those interested the full ingredients are on the website but make sure you click "more info" to view the complete list. The preservatives being used are phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, propyl gallate.

The products in this trial set are nice but there is nothing about them which has sparked a desire to purchase full sizes. The cleansing milk is creamy but I do feel I need to cleanse twice in order to completely remove my mineral foundation, not a major issue but one which I can avoid with other cleansers. I do find the less water I use on my face the better chance I have of not causing additional dryness. A sweep with toner feels like a must with this cleanser. I feel as if the daily moisturiser would be more suited to me in the summer months. It is not heavy enough for me at this time of year and the same goes for the hand & body lotion. The pump on the bottles failed to work for me and I assume it is because of the dinky size. I ended up just tapping the bottle against my hand to dispense the creams. It's frustrating but not the end of the world.

I commend Organic Botanics for offering a fragrance free range and would certainly say it is worth considering if you have sensitivities or if you like to keep ingredients simple. The Organic Botanics range is extensive - moisturisers, facial oils, eye care, lip care, face masks & scrubs, hand & body, cleanser & toners, soaps & body wash and baby care. I also note they have won several Green Parent and Natural Health awards plus have vegetarian and vegan approval. I have not been put off by the trial kit and would look to explore the rest of the product line in the future.

Have you heard of or used any products from Organic Botanics?

Sarah x