Review The Earth Works Cosmetics Fragrance Free Cleansing Oil

Companies listing “fragrance/parfum from essential oils” are making me grumpy. There are essential oils I need to avoid because of my allergies so I find not disclosing these ingredients can be very frustrating. I appreciate that fragrance formulations are closely guarded trade secrets but it does not inspire confidence from an allergic consumer prospective.

I have been on a mission to try and find more fragrance free products. This means I am looking at natural companies not using essential oils in their products. Thanks to Twitter, I discovered The Earth Works Cosmetics (TEWC) and was immediately drawn to the fragrance free cleansing oil. They have been kind enough to send me a sample to review.

The presentation of the cleansing oil is very elegant in an attractive glass bottle and the pump is handy to stop spillages. The ingredients are a simple combination of Castor Oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba Oil and Natural Vitamin E. In comparison with other cleansing oils I have used, I would say this has a thicker consistency, nothing bad about that but worth bearing in mind. As with all oils and balms, you need to remove with a damp cloth and I do like to follow with a sweep of toner on a pad. This cleanser removes my mineral foundation and because the ingredients are simple and fragrance free I do not have to worry about possible reactions. Cleansing oils are suitable for all skin types but they work well for me because my skin is extremely dry. They offer protection and moisture but allow me to remove makeup and daily grime.

TEWC has a nice range of affordable products for face, body and bathing. I am happy to recommend this cleanser and think many of you would enjoy the other products on offer.

Sarah x

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