Review Deep Steep Glossy Smoothing Shampoo

I've tried over and over again to fall in love with Deep Steep Glossy Smoothing Shampoo. I keep saying to myself "just try again maybe next time will be different" but this evening I decided enough was enough, this product is destined for a new owner or dare I say the bin. I am bitterly disappointed but it does not compare well to my beloved Essential Care Gentle Herb Shampoo.

I shall begin with the packaging. I mentioned in a video that the cap does not close properly and the shampoo is very runny. It leaks everywhere so either has to be stored upside down or needs to be decanted into another bottle. I am not a fan of the fragrance, it reminds me too much of those high end salon varieties. Essential Care barely has any scent so the Deep Steep one was a shock to the system. I realised I don’t like my hair to smell all day long, it kind of bugs me.

This shampoo is low foaming, my hair feels nice after washing but I do not feel it has the same movement or body which I get from Essential Care. It does look smooth but flat at the roots. The major flaw for me occurs on the day after washing. My hair looks lank and seems to have lost the fresh feeling and it looks unruly and dirty. I am not sure if it’s coincidence but I always end up scratching the back of my neck after using this shampoo so I'm wondering if I am sensitive to one of the ingredients. 

Perhaps the issue here is my hair type which is fine but plenty of it, coloured, dry and a bit of frizz. When you think about it, I pretty much fit all the categories in any product line. There is usually one for coloured hair, one for fine and one for dry so maybe this is why I have success with Essential Care because it is a standalone product catering for all.

If you do not fight the frizz then the Deep Steep hair care range also includes Daily Repairing, Nourishing Volume and Weightless Moisture. For me, the Glossy Smoothing has its flaws but I guess it’s personal preference. Nicole of Eco Chic Beauty Diva has reviewed the Daily Repairing Shampoo and she seems to like that one.

Each shampoo does have a matching conditioner but I refrained from purchasing purely because of budget constraints. If I have not put you off this product then I purchased from

Has anyone else tried Deep Steep Haircare? What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Sarah x
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