Odylique Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo

Review: Odylique Essential CareBaby Gentle Wash & Shampoo
Essential Care re-branded to Odylique

For the most part, I understand my skin and body and the way it reacts to foods or ingredients it dislikes. I have gone through stages in my life where things are under control and then there are times when I can not figure out what is going wrong. It can be very hard to pin point what has caused a reaction. I have this recurrent stubborn eczema patch on my chest, it comes and goes more times than I have had hot dinners. Mum says it's stress and I think it's allergy related. When my skin does flare up, I have to strip back my diet and skincare routine to the basics in an effort to calm my skin and stop the itch. This is a long winded way of explaining how I ended up buying Odylique Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo. For the past year, I had been switching between Deep Steep Lavender Chamomile body wash and Bodhi Mint Thé Shower Therapy. I suspect the high essential oil content becomes an issue when my skin is having a tantrum. 

You all know I speak highly of Essential Care and I enjoy using a number of products from their range. Generally speaking, products formulated for babies tend to have lower levels of essential oils so that also makes an ideal solution for adults with sensitive skin. The Essential Care baby wash contains olive oil, aloe vera, chamomile, calendula and lavender, perfect ingredients for soothing the skin. I really do feel as if this product, along with other changes I've made, has been making showering less painful. I am not experiencing redness or itching immediately following washing. I am certainly not going to make any outlandish claims but I think if you (or your children) struggle with sensitive skin conditions, the Essential Care Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo is worth considering. It produces a nice creamy lather with plenty of bubbles and has a mild scent of aloe and lavender.

Essential Care have a range of Mum & Baby and a couple of gift sets. This body wash is pH 5.5 balanced, suitable for babies over 3 monthsVegan, Organic and 100% natural (free from SLS/SLES). Essential Care have a range of Mum & Baby and a couple of gift sets. 

When you have skin flare ups or sensitivity do you consider using products formulated for babies? 

Sarah x