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What's in my bin? - January 2014 Empties

Products mentioned 

Bentley Organic Handwash (review link)
Suvana Paw Paw & Honey Balm (review link)
Deep Steep Body Mist (review link)
Bodhi Mint The Shower
Nourish Relax Moisturiser (review link)
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm* (review link)
Pure Thoughts Face Mask - discontinued but a good replacement is Natures Perfect (review link)

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  1. I really want to try the Lyonsleaf range x

    1. It really is a lovely range and I don't feel as if you can go wrong as long as you enjoy shea butter

  2. You're so cute, Sarah! I wouldn't know how to end a video either :-) Lovely "empties". These posts are always such fun because they encourage me to keep using all my many products but also because you recommend such lovely brands. I'm loving Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm too. I'm popping over to your review to see how you cleanse with it. I can always use pointers. Happy Sunday to you! xo

    1. Thank you :-) How I cleanse with the balm is I simply massage onto dry skin and it melts to oil and then I remove with a damp cloth