Review: Ambre Face Miniatures 100% Raw Skincare

Ambre Face Miniatures 100% Raw Skincare
You may have seen in a recent video that I bought Ambre Face Miniatures (£20). I had previously introduced Ambre on my blog in June 2013. Ambre use 100% cold pressed, raw plant sourced ingredients in their products. There are no fragrances or synthetic fillers so this is skincare at its purest. The minatures set contains Pumpkin Seed and Kokum with Fruit & Nut Oils Face Cream 15ml, Gentle Face Soap with Avocado, Shea, Rice Bran, Calendula and Sandalwood 15g, Luxurious Oils Blend Vitamins & Fatty Acids Rich Face Serum 5ml and Rhassoul Clay Face Mask 5g. It was the face cream I was most interested to try. Samples always appeal to me because I can patch test without the expense of a full sized product.

The face cream is a golden balm which is suitable for Vegans but not suitable for nut allergies. It contains pumpkin seed, kokum butter, starflower, passion fruit, sea buckthorn, rice bran, avocado, hazelnut, vitamin E and rosemary. I had my suspicions before buying that this would be a balm rather than a traditional cream. I am slightly disappointed because I did not want nor need another balm in my collection. Putting that aside, I do like this product. The fragrance comes from the raw ingredients and I would describe it as nutty. It is a soft balm which is easy to massage across skin and you can chose whether to be heavy handed or not depending on your personal requirements. If I apply lightly, it is not overly greasy but remember my skin is dry to begin with so it does tend to absorb balms easily.

Ambre Face Miniatures 100% Raw Skincare
The facial serum is also a very nice product. It contains jojoba, meadow foam, marula, rosehip, evening primrose, avocado, Vitamin E & A and rosemary. These wonderful ingredients are sure to give any skin type a boost. This is suitable for day and evening use but you all know I like serums as an overnight treatment. If you enjoy essential oil in your skincare then this is not the one for you. I’d recommend Celtic Herbal Rejuvenating Facial Oil which I have previously reviewed.

I have yet to use the face soap and the clay mask was a bit of a disaster as I was heavy handed with water. Overall, I think the brand and products are great and I would happily recommend. Is Ambre on your wish list or have you already tried their products?

Sarah x