Carmine or Cochineal Free Makeup

carmine cochineal free makeup
I was recently asked which make up brands are free from carmine. For those not aware carmine can be found in food and cosmetics. It is a red colouring made from crushed Cochineal beetles. It is a natural ingredient but considered by many, including me, not to be cruelty free. It is also listed on ingredients as Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red 4, C.I. 75470 or E120.

If you would like to guarantee your makeup is free from ALL animal ingredients I would point you in the direction of Companies who carry the Vegan Society Logo. This will give you peace of mind that a product does not contain animal ingredients and the product and ingredients have not been tested on animals by the manufacturer. If you wish to verify a product has been registered with the Vegan Society there is a search facility on their website. Vegetarian Society approval is slightly different, it will guarantee no animal testing and ingredients must not be derived from animal flesh but they do allow for free range eggs, honey and beeswax.

Here's a list of brands who offer vegan and/or vegetarian makeup products. Please make sure you double check ingredients and FAO pages because purchase just in case there have been any changes. I can't guarantee my list will remain up to date.

Everyday Minerals 
NATorigin - Vegetarian Society & Allergy UK Approved
Lavera - some products are certified vegan
Lily Lolo - on FAQ page - 90%+ of our products are vegan friendly, however we have a small selection of shades which contain Carmine

I hope this has helped anyone interested in swapping out their makeup collection. If you know of other makeup brands free from carmine, please leave a comment below. 

Sarah x