International Wish List - Natural Skincare

International Wish List - Natural Skincare

I realised that I was lusting over a long list of natural skincare brands from around the world. Inspiration comes from bloggers across the pond and brands that follow me on Twitter. I have been keeping track via Pinterest but wanted to share a few on my blog. Let me talk you through the pictures above, left to right, top row then bottom row.

Meow Meow Tweet - oh my goodness, adorable name, adorable packaging.  I think you can see what attracted me to this company. "We are a small batch natural apothecary based in Brooklyn, NY. We develop all of our goods as if they were modern culinary dishes, starting with a scent combination."

HollyBeth Organics - A USDA certified organic skincare line and I must admit once again I'm a sucker for the elegant packaging. "HollyBeth hand selects ingredients and formulates her unique recipes based on traditional homeopathic remedies from around the world."

Silkka Garden Apothecary - I love how this range is kept simple with just a few products. "Silkka products are handmade in small batches each week, using timeless ingredients from around the globe. Our product packaging is both recyclable and reusable, and packing materials used in shipping orders are always kept to a minimum."

Caru Skincare Co - I found this company via the gorgeous Pemberley Jones. I commented on the beautiful packaging but the company ethos is equally impressive "We are proud to bring you a skincare line that you can trust. No mystery ingredients, nothing artificial, only the purest botanical ingredients and sustainable packaging."

Tastyface Organics - Products look great, what's not to love about peppermint chocolate shave cream, it sounds amazing. I was also drawn to this company because they mention being free from food allergens, more companies should make a habit of doing this. 

Siam Botanicals -  handmade and 100% natural skincare from Thailand. I like the brown bottles and simple labelling, it reminds me of an old fashioned chemist. "We believe in the power of nature. That’s why we’ve gone back to basics and created an honest new brand of 100% natural products for the skin, hair and body."

This is by no means the end of my list, I could write this post another twenty times with different brands. I can't guarantee they all ship internationally and if they do it's probably not cheap so perhaps add them to your next International Blogger swap list. If you have tried any products from these brands, do let me know how you got on or link me to your own reviews. 

Sarah x