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Pure Organic Heaven skincare
I have mentioned before that Folksy is one of my favourite sites to browse away a few bored hours. The skincare section is limited in comparison to Etsy but every now and again a little gem pops up. I recently discovered Pure Organic Heaven and I decided this little company deserved some attention on my blog. I contacted Nicole, the founder/owner, for an interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how did Pure Organic Heaven begin? 
The reason I started Pure Organic Heaven is because I had a lovely little boy and I did not want to put any chemicals on his delicate skin. I wanted to use only organic products on him but unfortunately found them too expensive for my budget and I struggled to find products which were over 90% organic. Subsequently I started to make my own products to use on him. My Mum then asked me to create a moisturiser (Divine Radiance Facial Moisturiser), my little boy also suffered from eczema so I created a product (Heavenly Healing Balm) which I used on him for a couple of days and his eczema disappeared…and so my product range began. A mother’s quest for natural skincare products to help those I care about.

Why is natural/organic skincare important to you? 
Natural / organic skincare is important to me because your skin is your largest organ and absorbs any chemicals you put on it, therefore it is important to keep it as chemical free as possible. Many of my products have coconut oil as the base; I believe it is one of the most amazing ‘presents’ that the Earth has bestowed on us! It is moisturising, has fabulous antibacterial properties along with natural sun filters. I have kept my products as organic as possible, the majority of them are 99% organic, therefore making them some of the most organic skincare products on the markets. 

Five words to describe your brand/products
Heavenly, natural, organic, luxurious, caring.

What was the first product you formulated?
The first completely finished product I formulated was my Divine Radiance Facial Moisturiser. I am so pleased I created it as so many of my customers tell me that they have struggled to find a facial moisturiser which is completely natural and organic and also suitable for vegetarians and not tested on animals. So many facial moisturisers contain chemicals and mineral oil which can adversely affect the skin and cause long term ageing and ultimately dehydrate the skin (not at Pure Organic Heaven though!). They also love it because it has an amazing rose geranium scent.

What do you find most challenging when formulating products?
I love the creative aspect of producing new products, it can, however, be quite challenging when trying to produce 100% natural and 99% organic products which are able to compete with high street products in terms of them being luxurious and in relation to their price. 

What have been the highs and/or lows of establishing Pure Organic Heaven?
The highs have been creating products and getting so much positive feedback from my customers, it really is amazing to hear people say how much they love something which I have created. The lows have been January and February after experiencing a really successful Christmas period, that’s retail for you and sales are now picking up again and I feel optimistic about the summer.

What does the future hold for Pure Organic Heaven?
I intend to continue trading at local markets (Harrogate Farmers’ Market, Wetherby Farmers’ Market, Otley Craft Fair, Skipton Farmers’ Market), to build up a loyal customer base; I would also like to continue building a customer base online. I would love to expand my product range to include soaps, body washes, shampoos, conditioners and ultimately make-up.

I'd like to thank Nicole for taking time to answer my questions. Products are 100% natural, organic, not tested on animals and no animal ingredients aside from beeswax.

Sarah x

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