LJ's Natural Solutions - The Little Bag of Loveliness

LJ's Natural Solutions - The Little Bag of Loveliness
I follow LJ’s Natural Solutions on Twitter. They offer organic and natural skincare and specialise in products for eczema and sensitive skin. Lisa had previously sent me a pocket scratchy balm but I decided I would like to explore more of her range. 

I bought The Little Bag of Loveliness as it seemed like the perfect way to try other products. The organza bag costs me £4.95 and contained five samples – Balancing Organic Moisturiser, Very Sensitive Organic Moisturiser, Soothing Organic Handbag Hand lotion, Organic Deep Cleansing Balm and Aloe & Seaweed Eye Gel. I have enjoyed using all the samples but there were two products that stood out to me, the Balancing Moisturiser and Cleansing Balm. 

I am extremely fussy about scents in moisturisers and was initially hesitant to try the Balancing cream. In the past, I have found some lotions contain overpowering blends of essential oils but this is not the case with LJ’s Natural. The Balancing cream has a delicate aroma of geranium and chamomile. It appears to be a perfect match for my skin type, the middle ground between being rich enough to combat dryness but light enough to sink in quickly. The Sensitive moisturiser has identical ingredients minus the essential oils so performs exactly the same.

LJ's Natural Solutions - The Little Bag of Loveliness
On the other hand the cleansing balm is soft and buttery which is easily massaged across the face. I felt it removed easily with a damp muslin cloth, did not leave behind residue and took off my mineral foundation. My initial impression is it compares very well to other cleansing balms I have reviewed.

The hand lotion has a nice consistency and fragrance. It’s light and does not leave your hands feeling greasy so ideal for using during the day at the office. As for the eye gel, you will know from reading my blog I do not get overly excited by eye creams. It is a good product but I can take it or leave it. 

LJ’s Natural Solutions has impressed me and once I use up my stash of moisturisers and cleansers, I will be back for full sizes. The sample kit is a great idea for patch testing and allows you to get a feel for the range. The little pots would also be handy in your overnight bag, there is enough product for a long weekend trip. The website is very detailed with ingredient information and products that require preservatives contain Phenoxyethanol.

Have you tried any products from LJ's Natural Solutions? 

Sarah x