This Natural Bee favourite products featuring Oskia and Bodhi & Birch

This Natural Bee favourite products featuring Oskia and Bodhi & Birch
Amber is the founder of a blog called This Natural Bee, like the rest of us she describes herself as a beauty addict who enjoys natural and organic skincare. She adores Bees and now runs her online store Nectar and Bumble. Amber has kindly agreed to participate in my series where I ask bloggers and friends to share their current holy grail skincare products, here's what she has to to say....

"When Sarah asked me to write a few words about my holy grail product, I found it so difficult to choose just one! I figured I would choose two as they have been working so well together for my skin for the past month or so! In fact, my skin has never looked better! The first is the OSKIA Renaissance Gel Cleanser which is a bright orange gel, that melts into an oil as you rub it into your skin. It removes makeup effortlessly and cleanses my skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth & radiant. It smells like rose too which is gorgeous! The second is a product that I will be reviewing soon on my blog and is the Neroli Lucé Facial Oil from Bodhi & Birch. This oil has been working so well on my blemish prone skin. It smells like sweet oranges, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I have had hardly any breakouts since I've been using these two products together and they are both ones I will definitely repurchase in the future!"

Thank you Amber for sharing these products with us. Will you be adding them to your shopping list?

Sarah x


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