Review Toulou Organics Avocado Butter Creme

Toulou Organics Avocado Butter Creme
"Toulou Organics source certified organic ingredients from around the globe. Where organic is not an option we use cold-pressed and wild-crafted ingredients because they retain their vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals etc; after harvest."

Most days you will find me at my desk with a salad sandwich packed full of avocado. They are considered one of the healthiest foods because they are full of vitamins and minerals. If you are not a fan of eating avocados (my Mum says they are remind her of soap!) then I would recommend making sure your skincare contains this mighty green fruit and TouLou Organics Avocado Butter Crème may be a good place to start. 

Tou Lou's cream is packed full of ingredients I enjoy using on my skin, shea butter, avocado, cocoa and macadamia. I would describe this as body butter with a luxurious thickness that is soft and easy to massage into skin. I am not a massive fan of the fragrance but it is natural and derived from the contents. I have an abundance of lavender based shea butters so I think that’s why I find this one a little different. The oils in this product can separate on the surface but you just need to give it a stir. 

Overall, I would say this is a nice rich cream which would be of benefit to anyone with dry skin. I like to make readers aware that products are preserved using Phenoxyethanol. The 120g jar retails for £16 and full ingredients are available on the website. Other body butters/crèmes are available along with products for face and hair so have a browse around the site.

Have you heard of Tou Lou or tried any of their products? Do you like avocado in your skincare or in your sandwiches?.

Sarah x

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