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Ingredient Review: Steamcream

After reading twenty glowing reviews of Steamcream, my head exploded. Okay so not really but you know me I am passionate about ingredients and you guys are giving me palpitations. Beauty bloggers are like magpies to shiny objects, who can resist those cute decorative tins.

Oh, how I laugh at the marketing spin, "All in One Natural Moisturiser", pull the other one. For me natural cream should not contain methylparaben, propylparaben and triethanolamine (linked to skin irritation). There is a lengthy explanation on the FAQ page about why you will find these ingredients in Steamcream and my response to that is other brands produce decent natural creams without them, I have a blog full of reviews to prove it. I stick my fingers up to Streamcream and their pathetic excuses, completely childish I know but if other companies can eliminate these ingredients then I do find Streamcream's explanation of their presence rather redundant. I thought the whole point of wanting natural, cleaner and greener products was the desire to eliminate this crap from our skincare? 

I know it's a personal choice, the evidence and research on ingredients can be sketchy, some will argue their face hasn't fallen off from using Steamcream so what's the fuss but I'd like to throw a different perspective into the bloggersphere. Do your research people, dig a little deeper and make an informed purchase. I think I made my feelings for Steamcream pretty clear, all that glitters is not gold, in other words it appears to be all about the tin design rather than the contents within. 

Sarah x

Picture from www.steamcream.co.uk