Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Coconut Mylk Drinks

Rebel Kitchen Dairy Free Coconut Mylk Drinks
Rebel Kitchen had been on my radar thanks to Twitter and when I spotted them in a local independent organic store, I snapped up the Choco and Banana. These cute cartons are flavoured coconut milk without the additives and preservatives. The ingredients are simply water, coconut milk, date nectar and cacao. They are lactose free and suitable for vegans/vegetarians and anyone who wishes to avoid dairy. According to the website "Rebel Kitchen ‘mylk’ drinks are designed for kids from three years of age - but so delicious that grown-ups will love them too!" I can tell you this big kid thought they were delicious. I enjoyed both. The banana has a nice strong natural flavour and reminded me of banana Nom Bar and the choco just pipped it to the post as my favourite of the two. There is a Orange Choc version which I am sure will appeal to many but unfortunately due to my allergies it's not suitable for me.

If you prefer grown up flavours then Rebel Kitchen's range marketed to adults may appeal to you. Matcha Green Tea and Chai are launching in May 2014 and Chocolate is already available to buy. Aside from flavours, the difference here is the cartons are larger, the Kids drinks are 200ml (RRP 99p) and the Adult ones are 330ml (RRP £1.89). If you do not have a local stockist you can buy online direct from Rebel Kitchen.

I am definitely going back for more and I would also like to try Chai when it launches. What do you think? Is Rebel Kitchen now on your shopping list? What flavour will you be trying?

Sarah x


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