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Tofutti Minis Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Dairy & Soy Free

I do find Dairy free 'cheese' will divide opinion, you either love it or hate it and it does depend on the brand. One of my personal favourites is Tofutti. For me this is the dairy free substitute for Philadelphia. I like that it is available in different flavours and goes perfect on a bagel. I'm always jealous of the US because the Tofutti's range is a lot larger and goes beyond cheese.

Anyway, the other weekend I was in Holland & Barrett, stocking up on my free from treats and I spotted Tofutti Minis. The box (pictured above) contains 6 x 28g portions (£2.99). 
At first I thought what possible use could I have for these but they actually have come in handy. I have to take a packed lunch to work and these are ideal. There is enough in the tub for a good coating on a bagel or two rice crackers. I like the flavour although I wouldn't mind it being a bit more garlicky.

What do you think? Do you think these are a practical solution or a waste of time?

Sarah x