Review Vegan Faces Skin Deep Foundation

Review Vegan Faces Skin Deep Foundation
Vegan Faces is a company I came across when I was researching for my carmine free lipstick blog post. I was intrigued about the Skindeep Foundation so ordered a couple of samples. It is described as a cream foundation which can be used dry or wet. It is 100% natural and contains Organic Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5. It is also free from dyes, preservatives and fragrance

I selected shades 101 (fair skin with peaches & cream undertones) and 109 (light-medium skin with pink undertones). Both shades are too pale for me, 109 is the darker of the two. I like the idea of this foundation but found it difficult to work with. It is creamy but there is an element of chalkiness. Once applied to the skin I find it takes a fair amount of effort to work across the face. It does not feel heavy but there is something about it that makes me think of face paint rather than foundation. I used a sponge to blend out but the end results are not as good for my skin as Everyday Minerals powder. I feel as if this emphasizes every line. 

I like the the ethics of this company and I do not wish to put you off so if you are a lover of all things makeup, check out Hephzibah’s blog Good For Me, Good For You, for reviews and swatches of Vegan Faces lipsticks and eyeshadows (blues, pinks and nudes).

If you have tried Vegan Faces foundation, I would be interested to know if you liked it.

Sarah x