Haircare Routine Update - Essential Care, Desert Essence & Giovanni

Haircare Essential Care, Desert Essence & Giovanni
If you have been watching my videos this trio of products will be familiar to you given the number of times I have mentioned them in my Empties. Back in March 2013, I talked through the products I was using (click here). I never went back to the Desert Essence Coconut range as I switched over to the Red Raspberry and then discovered Essential Care. I realised the other day that these products have been my routine for a year. I have not branched out to anything else in that time. I spent years searching for a shampoo that did not irritate my skin. It did not matter if the shampoo was high street, salon brand or natural/organic, I was having trouble with them all but Essential Care shampoo solved the problem over night. I am yet to try the new formulation under the Odylique label, I am aware more foaming agent has been added. I will be switching over once my stock pile has been depleted.

I don't think I ever gave the Desert Essence Red Raspberry conditioner a full review, I've always mentioned in passing. My hair is thin but dry from colouring so I've always struggled to find a conditioner that is moisturising but will not weigh it down. For me, the Red Raspberry ticks these boxes. I need a small amount, it untangles knots but leaves a silky smooth finish. I get my monies worth from the tube it lasts me many months, an added bonus is it smells delicious.

I had a mad panic the other month when the website I was buying the Giovanni Flat Iron Mist from stopped selling it. That's how much I love this product, I was close to tears but I did find another stockist. I use this every time I wash my hair. It has a delightful fragrance and never feels greasy. I am convinced it does protect against my GHDs so I continue using it.

I really do not see myself changing my routine. I have been tempted to try other hair care products but I never end up buying them because I do not feel anything can live up to these standards. Essential Care, Desert Essence and Giovanni are cruelty free brands and free from synthetic ingredients which I choose to avoid. 

Have you tried any of these products? 

Sarah x