Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Me

vegan chocolate cake
On the 9th May 2011, I hit the publish button and my blog was born. It started out of boredom; I needed to find something to occupy my mind. I didn’t think about followers and I never thought I would stick at it for the next three years. I gave little consideration to my blog name (hence it’s ridiculous!) or to my blog design. I just thought my journey through life had been interesting and I had a passion for something which was a little bit different to the norm. Three years down the line, I’m proud of my ridiculously named blog. My little piece of the internet has plenty of followers and I have ‘met’ some lovely people from across the UK and around the World. 

Finally, I have an outlet which enables me to talk to people about organic and natural skincare, allergies and eczema. My journey is forever evolving and I am always learning. There have been tough times. I’ve had companies “yell” at me on Twitter and I’ve had angry emails from Bloggers. I’m known for being a little outspoken but I’m not ashamed of that. If you met me in real life you’d get the same response, I’m the friend that tells you that your bum does look big in those pants!

I began my natural journey twelve years ago and my passion is still as strong as ever. Over the past three years I have been trying to share twelve years of brand knowledge with readers but I’ve barely even touched the surface and the market is growing rapidly. I don’t think I will ever reach my goal.

As far as this blog is concerned, it will continue for the foreseeable future and I hope that you, my readers and followers, will still join me for the ride. Thank you to everyone who interacts with me on here and my social media. It makes my day when someone says “Job well done, thanks for sharing”. I raise a glass to you all, send you a virtual hug and say THANK YOU for the support.

Sarah x

P.S -  That's an old photo but I need to blog about the Vegan Chocolate Cake above because it's my favourite recipe and it's disappeared from the website I got it from so I can't link to it any more 


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