Update My Beautiful Earth Mineral Foundation

My Beautiful Earth Mineral Foundation
Cast your mind back to my review of My Beautiful Earth samples. I gave the samples a positive review but you all know I continued using Everyday Minerals. That was until last month when my colour was out of stock. Cue panic and activation of emergency plan which prompted me to order My Beautiful Earth foundation in Light Neutral Beige (£5.95 excludes P&P 20ml/4g jar). 

I thought I would write an updated review because now I have experience of using My Beautiful Earth foundation on a daily basis over the period of a month. On the whole, I am pleased with the product but there are a few flaws. Firstly, I never did find a perfect colour match in the samples so Light Neutral Beige was the compromise. Yes, I could have mixed and matched but truthfully I cannot be bothered with the hassle especially when Everyday Minerals Fair Medium is perfect for me. I also have found that coverage can become patchy or slips. It will last me a work day but there were a few times when I had a build up of foundation on my jaw line. I suspect it is not compatible with my heavier and slightly oily face creams. In comparison with Everyday Minerals, I do not feel My Beautiful Earth gives the perfect airbrushed finish. I think Everyday Minerals is a finer and better quality powder. 

My Beautiful Earth is not my perfect foundation but I cannot grumble for the price and I think it is perfectly adequate. The price point is amazing compared to similar products out there so I can see an appeal to the budget conscious. I did go on to purchase another jar of Everyday Minerals and My Beautiful Earth is remains my emergency back up. For anyone who prefers a liquid foundation, I shall give you a heads up, this company does have one and you can buy samples.

Sarah x