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What's in Your Backyard?

I can't take credit for this blog post idea, it's one I found through Karen and Hephzibah. The idea is to take a look at the brands we have around us, hence the title. I am already someone who is keen to support local companies so I knew instantly who would feature in this post. 

Niki is a lovely lady based in Berkshire and her Lavender & Chamomile balm is a regular part of my skincare collection. It is a product I have been recommending since 2012. This balm is multi purpose and affordable. I can use it to soothe dry patches and eczema, I have even used it as a cleanser.

Nicola who is the founder of Fresh Therapies is based Hampshire. You should recognise this product as it has made many appearances on my blog. This nail polish remover is one of a kind, free from nasty ingredients and it works a treat.

Another Hampshire company who I discovered recently and reviewed. Their Healing Balm has been shortlisted for the Free From Skincare Awards 2014. Carly makes skincare products from locally sourced beeswax and honey, it comes from her own hives. 

I discovered this company back in 2012 when I reviewed the Intensive Moisturiser. It's a lovely range which came out of Elizabeth's desire to provide her teenage daughter with a good skincare regime.

I'm bending the rules with this one as it's not skincare but I have a Free From company on my doorstep. Moo Free are awesome and Mint Mini Moo bars are my all time favourite indulgence. 

Build a Cake
Olivia & James have a son with multiple allergies so fully understand the free from market. They are making "regular" cakes but want to have a side to the business which caters for free from. I have featured them on my blog before. They are based in Surrey and I have linked their Facebook page.

Sarah x