Green Beauty Blogger Meet Up (#FieldTripTour July 2014)

Content Beauty Wellbeing Store Front London
If you are part of the Green Blogger Community then you probably heard about the Field Trip Tour which was organised by Mayah & Sabrina of Call It Vanity. A quick thank you to Content Beauty & WellbeingNature & Co and Beauty Mart for letting us invade their shops. 

Alima Pure display at Nature & Co
Alima Pure display at Nature & Co

I wanted to write my blog post from a different perspective. Visiting stores and stocking up on natural skincare and makeup was a wonderful experience in the presence of like minded people. For me, the day went beyond shopping. It was about meeting the wonderful ladies I spend so much of my time chatting with over twitter. On the whole the blogging community welcomes everyone with open arms but life isn't all unicorns and rainbows. In the last year or two I took a back seat to this community as I was sick of the bitching I have experienced/witnessed. I was tired of the playground bullying but yesterday renewed my faith in bloggers. The Green Blogger Community should be a place of peace, love and harmony, after all isn't that what Green Living is all about?

As I sit here the day after, resting my old bones and sore feet, I want to thank Mayah, Rachel, Jen, Katie, Tania, Liz and Hephzibah for welcoming me with open arms. I truly had an awesome fun filled day and I loved swapping tips on blogging and products. Like many of you have already mentioned, it was a shame that our time with the other group was short and sweet. Shout out to Amber (Amber's Beauty Talk) and Liz (well meaning being) for their awesome hugs. It was also nice to bump into Lilian at Content, even though I didn't recognise her with the new hair do. 

If any of you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, be sure to pop by for a cuppa. Thank you to everyone for being AWESOME xxxx
vegan food at Wholefoods
Sarah x