Green People Sun Lotion SPF 25 (scent free)

Green People Sun Lotion SPF 25 (scent free)
UPDATE - Green People Sun Creams are now suitable for Vegans (at time of writing they contained beeswax). Now available as SPF30

I am often asked for sunscreen recommendations but it’s a difficult one for me because I react to natural and "chemical" based brands. I face an uphill battle every summer because the one brand that does not irritate my skin is full of ingredients I advocate avoiding. I face a moral dilemma between the need to protect against sun damage and the desire to rid myself of manmade toxic ingredients. In the past I used Lavera, last year I trialled Badger but for my trip to Lisbon I took with me Green People Sun Lotion SPF 25 which is scent free (50ml is a travel size). 

Green People are a reliable brand for anyone with sensitivities or if you wish to cut out certain ingredients. This sun lotion is free from and formulated with allergies in mind. It offers natural broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection. 

I have found over the years that formulations of natural sunscreen are improving. In the past, I found some were very heavy and definitely caused me heat rash. I trialled Green People on my d├ęcolletage because it’s the one area of my body which instantly react to products and always catches the sun (the joy of having ample lady lumps!). I was comfortable with the formulation; it didn’t feel sticky or heavy. I was able to rub into my skin quickly and I did not notice a whiteness which is often associated with natural sunscreen. That being said Mr Sugarpuffish used on his face a couple of times and I noticed he was looking a bit grey! He had not shave whilst we were on holiday and the sun lotion was not disappearing into his skin in quite the same way it had done for mine. 

Overall, I think Green People Sun Lotion is a good product in comparison to other I have tried. I would consider purchasing for my next holiday but I think Mr Sugarpuffish would need to use a different sun lotion. Unfortunately, I think mineral sunscreen and hairy men are not always compatible.

Have you tried Green People Sun Lotion? Do you like it?

Sarah x

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