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YouTube: Favourites for September 2014

Sugarpuffish Favourites for September 2014
Products Mentioned in this Video

National Geographic Magazine - tesco.com/clubcard/deals
M&S Large Contrasting Purple Gingham Pencil Case - marksandspencer.com
Green People SPF25 sun lotion* - greenpeople.co.uk
Chilly B Lavender Bath Soak*
Chilly B Mint & Rosemary Foot Butter
Pure Thoughts Soaps - purethoughts.co.uk

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  1. I've only tried the foot balm from Pure Thoughts but keep meaning to go back to them. Their lip scrub isn't something I really need but I've had my eye on it for so long! Thanks for sharing :) x

    1. I've never had a product I've been disappointed in, think their soaps are one of the best out there :)

  2. Great video as usual, I always appreciate your thorough reviews.