For the Sensitive Souls - Unscented Shower & Bath Gels

Unscented Shower & Bath Gels SLS FREE
I struggle with body washes. Eliminating SLS/SLES was definitely a turning point for my skin problems but as my eczema comes and goes I can struggle tolerating essential oils. I often have to go cold turkey with lavender and chose unscented body care. I always feel products without essential oils can be difficult to find so below are my suggestions of body washes free from fragrance. 

Green People Neutral Scent Free Shower Gel 

Handmade Naturals Unscented Shower & Bath Gel

Dr Bronner Baby Mild Liquid Soap & Organic Shikakai Baby Hand & Body Soap 

Akin Very Gentle Unscented Body Wash 

PHB Ethical Beauty Extra Mild Bath & Body Wash Unscented

Desert Essence Fragrance Free Body Wash

All these brands offer fragranced versions of their shower gels. If you would like to completely avoid using a body wash, you may wish to consider a Konjac Sponge Bath Sponge (the Pink Clay is recommended for sensitive skin). If you have a natural and unscented shower gel recommendation, I would love to hear about it.

Sarah x